Love your new SEAT Arona and it will love you back. Dirt or dog hairs? No problem. Mud and mess? Sorted. Specifically designed and fully tested to give your car outstanding functionality, safety and quality.

Choose this pack and get on with the way you live, knowing your SEAT Arona is protected for its lifetime.

Front and rear mudflaps and protective loadliner. Check out these special bespoke prices...

Front & Rear Mudflaps
RRP £43.83 in vat

RRP £62.50 in vat

Total Price of Collection
£180.19 inc vat and fiting

£99.00 inc vat and fiting

SEAT is committed to a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to make changes to specifications, offers, products and prices without notice. The information in this brochure can therefore be given as guidance only. While SMC Motor Group and SEAT UK makes every effort to ensure that information and prices are accurate at the time of publicatio​n Feb 2020. Products offered are subject to availability and once items are sold normal retail prices will be charged.