How Do I?

Something that we all ask ourselves at times and are never sure whe re to find the answer, so here at SMC SEAT we hope you find these videos useful.

If this still doesn't answer your questions then please contact one of my team and they will be more than happy to help you


Tim Golding

Group Service Director

SMC SEAT Aftersales

How to use SEAT's satellite navigation system

How to unlock your radio

Fitting Child Seats

How to adjust your Headlights

How to operate daytime running lights

Worn Wiper Blades

Checking Tyre Tread

How to top up your AdBlue fluid (Diesel Only)

How to connect your phone via Bluetooth

How to connect your music device to your car

How to Change your Light Bulbs

How to use your emergency Tyre Repair kit

Checking Tyre Pressure

Checking the Oil Level

Checking the Coolant/Anti-Freeze