Free Video Vehicle Health Check...


You see what we see with our SEAT video servicing tool, it puts you in control over any work we recommend to be carried out on your car.

We understand that keeping your car healthy can be a burden on your time and your finances which is why we may create a free video vehicle health check every time you visit our service departments in Aldershot and Woking. Our trained technicians will create an easy to understand video report detailing the condition of your car and highlighting any problems that we have spotted whilst your vehicle is with us.

You can expect the bodywork, lights, tyres, suspension, steering, brakes, exhaust and fluid levels to be checked during a vehicle health check.

All we ask is your permission and you provided us with your correct email address and we will send you a link to the video inspection report undertaken by our trained technicians. During the video they will explain the current condition of your car and any recommended work that you might consider having done.

The video vehicle health check means that we can bring our workshop direct to your mobile device or desktop computer so that you don't need our service advisors to call you during your busy day with an update. You can get an update whenever it's convenient for you.

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