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New Renault ZOE ZE

Always a step ahead the Renault Z.E. has been pushing the boundaries of innovation since revealing the Z.E. concept car in 2008. Since then, we have been fulfilling our commitment and developing our technology so that our vehicles stay at the front of the electric vehicle market.

The NEW ZOE, Europe’s best-selling EV now features the new R110 electric motor offering increased power but still with the same 186-mile real-world range – the best real world range of any mainstream electric vehicle.

Renault ZOE at SMC Renault Aldershot and Weybridge
Renault ZOE at SMC Renault Aldershot and Weybridge
Renault ZOE at SMC Renault Aldershot and Weybridge
Renault ZOE at SMC Renault Aldershot and Weybridge
Renault ZOE at SMC Renault Aldershot and Weybridge
Renault ZOE at SMC Renault Aldershot and Weybridge
Renault ZOE at SMC Renault Aldershot and Weybridge
Renault ZOE interior
Renault ZOE interior
Renault ZOE interior
Renault ZOE interior

Interior design

Each version of the ZOE has its own interior ambiance. Which style will you go for?

Comfort and peace of mind or driving pleasure? With Renault ZOE, you don't have to choose! Clean air, silence, ideal temperature, plenty of features to make driving easier: we've thought of everything to make you comfortable.

Its the first Electric vehicle to feature a ‘Chameleon’ charger, which accepts any level of power input – so charging takes anywhere between 30 minutes from a industrial-spec fast charger to nine hours from a household socket.

The high tech look and feel of the outside, is mirrored on the inside with the R-Link Consol controling sat nav, stereo and there is also ports to connect your Ipod. The intelligent on board system also tells you not only your speed, but wether you are zapping power out of the battries or feeding it back to them.

Exterior design

A chrome diamond on a wide, black radiator grille, streamlined blue-tinted headlamps and transparent rear lights with concentric blue edges give ZOE a strong electric identity.

Looks wise the Zoe has everything, with LED lights attached to the full face front grill. Z.E. signature headlamps and electric badge, distinctive LED daytime running lights. The portrait of an electric vehicle, Renault ZOE proudly displays its identity. 

The designer rear lamps of Renault ZOE with their boomerang lighting signature also convey its modernity.  A compact 5-door city car that looks like a coupé? The Renault designers have achieved this by incorporating the rear door handles into the window frame.

Renault ZOE styling
Renault ZOE styling
Renault ZOE styling


For many years, we have developed a global approach that takes all of the risk factors into account. As a result of these advances, Renault ZOE allows you to drive in a relaxed frame of mind.

New Z.E. 40 Battery

The new Z.E. 40 battery was developed by Renault with a revolutionary technology which doubles the capacity of the lithium-ion battery, in exactly the same dimensions! 186 miles WLTP* on one charge, with the same benefits as the 22kWh battery, such as simple recharging, no required maintenance and easy recycling at the end of its life. Located under the floor to lower the center of gravity, the battery has no impact on either roominess of the car or on the boot volume. ZOE offers 100% torque from start, a quiet motor, no gear changes or petrol stations, and relaxed driving pleasure.

^ Free wall charging unit. Based on eligibility of the wall-box included offer and meeting the qualifying criteria of the OLEV (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) subsidy of £500.00 (including VAT). For full Terms and conditions see here

S Editionq90 zoe

Q90 Quick Charge engine

The Q90 engine is ideal for faster charging. With our Chameleon charger™, a 43 kW rapid charging point mostly found at motorway service stations, you can charge your battery from 0 to 80% in just 65 minutes.

The Q90 motor is available as an option at £750 VAT included on Dynamique Nav and S Edition.


R110 engine

The new R110 engine replaces our R90 engine, with new 80kW (108hp) maximum power and new maximum torque of 225Nm. It offers greater performance and versatility to your ZOE for more extra-urban driving pleasure. The R110 engine is available on Dynamique Nav and S Edition.


Renault ZOE - How long will it take to charge?

Renault ZOE - How far can I go?

What makes ZOE so special?

Revolutionary Range. It is our goal to make innovation from tomorrow, accessible to everyone today. Which is why ZOE with Z.E. 40 battery now has an NEDC range** of 250 miles, and a real world range of 186 miles in summer and 124 miles in winter, getting you wherever you choose to go, even more easily than before.Easy Electric Life.Renault Z.E. makes the electric revolution easy. Providing you with all the basics you need to integrate ZOE into your life, including your homecharging solution there is nothing left to worry about.Wall-Box Included.ZOE comes with a free charging point installed for retail customers with off-street parking,*** so that charging at home is a no-brainer. Plug-in and done. Goodbye petrol station, hello freedom.Chameleon Charger™.

Our innovative Chameleon Charger™ is uniquely fitted to ZOE and makes clever charging possible. As it is always able to charge at maximum power available, it saves you time and lets you make the most of the charging stations you come across, as well as of your home charging point.

Truly Connected.A connected life is no longer a future scenario. Z.E. Connected Services takes communication between smartphone and car to another level, allowing features such as remote charging, pre-conditioning and monitoring charge status.^

Below is a short video of the New Renault ZE ZOE

Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on this page is as accurate and up to date as possible, Renault U.K. and SMC Motor Group reserves the right to modify its models without notice, including their characteristics, specifications,equipment and accessories. Brochures inevitably become out of date or inaccurate in some respects, in that such characteristics,specifications equipment, or accessories may be changed after the publication date given below and can differ from the descriptions given or the photos displayed. It is therefore necessary to check with your Renault Dealer before purchasing any product that the characteristics, specifications, equipment or accessories of the vehicle on order are as advertised.

*Quick Charge Option results in a WLTP Range of 186 miles and real life estimates of 174 miles in summer conditions and 112 miles in winter conditions. Homologated range according to WLTP test cycle, for comparison purposes, 186 miles, and may not reflect real life driving results. Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare figures with vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. The electric range shown achieved using the new (WLTP) test procedure. Figures obtained after the battery was fully charged. Actual real world driving results may vary depending on factors such as the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted after registration, weather conditions, driving styles and vehicle load.

^Homecharger provided and installed by Chargemaster PLC and only available for eligible customers. Based on eligibility of the wall-box included offer and meeting the qualifying criteria of the OLEV (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) subsidy of £500.00 (including VAT). For full Terms and conditions see here

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