Civil Service / Military / Emergency Services Offers....

We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer you exclusive offers if you are a member of the UK emergency services, serving or retired, at teacher, civil servant, prison officer, the list goes on. Boy do we have something to tell you about!

From functional, and reliable family cars with cutting edge technology, offer Renault E-Tech engines. SMC Renault has something for everyone’s taste and budget. So come with us and explore the SMC Renault Civil Service / Military / Emergency Services range of offers and find your ideal car.

The scheme is simple, you can part exchange your old car and finance is available also.Check out our winter offers below.

What do I need to prove it*

We will need proof of eligibility prior to placing an order in the form of a photo copy of your union card and a recent pay slip as proof of entitlement for this offer. Unfortunately if you unable to prove your eligibility you will be ineligible for this offer.

The SMC Renault DDS, Blue Light & CSMA schemes offer discounts to military personnel, teaching and NHS staff, as well as other eligible members. The following customers are are eligible for the programme:-

Boundless by CSMA 

  • ​Serving & retired civil servants 
  • Serving & retired public servants 
  • Teaching staff

Blue Light Card 

  • ​Serving & retired police officers 
  • Serving & retired firefighters 
  • Serving & retired paramedics 
  • NHS-registered doctors and nurses 
  • Serving & retired prison officers 
  • Serving community support officers 
  • Serving RNLI members

Defence Discount Service

  • Serving military personnel - Tri-services (Army, Royal Navy & RAF)
  • MOD employees - Those working for and paid by the MOD itself
  • Tri-service & MOD veterans - Those having served their Queen and country
  • DDS Card Holders
  • Reservists

Just take a look at the these Renault Civil Service / Military / Emergency Services Offers
New Offers on our New Car Range
New Clio Up to 11% Customer Saving Plus Free Metallic Paint!*
Up to 15% Customer Saving Plus Free Metallic Paint!*
New Megane E-Tech 100% all electric
Up to 10% Customer Saving Plus Free Metallic Paint!*
New ArkanaUp to 12% Customer Saving Plus Free Metallic Paint!*
​All-New Austral
Up to 11% Customer Saving Plus Free Metallic Paint!*
All-New Scenic E-Tech 100% all electricUp to 8% Customer Saving Plus Free Metallic Paint!*

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Contact your nearest branch for more details or simply fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss this further.

What do I need? Photo i.d. and Boundless, DDS, Blue Light, CSMA, or NARPO Card and we will do the rest for you!

Terms and Conditions

* You will need to provide proof of eligibility prior to order to benefit from the offer and does not apply to the Renault Electric vehicle range and cannnot be used in conjuction with any other retail customer offer. Orders place between 04/01/24 - 04/04/24 an registered by 04/10/24


The following are the terms and conditions upon which Renault UK Limited (Renault UK) is willing to provide the Support on vehicles as set out in this agreement.

1.Variation:- Renault UK reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions, including withdrawing or suspending any Support.

2. Exclusive nature of support:- This Support is exclusive and in lieu of any other customer or support scheme Renault UK may offer from time to time. The Support is in addition to any discount given by a dealer.

3. Calculation of support:- Support is calculated on the basic list price of the vehicle current at the time the order is accepted by the manufacturer, excluding any VAT, which may be applicable. You must ensure you check with your dealer that the manufacturer has accepted the order. Support will also apply to any factory fitted options subject to such options being currently available. es Ltd. and is excluded from this agreement.

4. Methodology of support and direct support payment:- Support is usually provided direct to the dealer by Renault UK and made available to you or by means of discount on the purchase price of the vehicle. Where Support is to be paid directly to you, it will be paid to your nominated bank account following registration of the vehicle. Where Renault UK pays the Support directly to you, the Support will only be paid on registration of the vehicle.

5. Restrictions on disposal:- Any Supported vehicles must be retained by the registered keeper:in the case of light commercial vehicles, for a period ending on the earlier of 5 months or 10,000 miles; and in the case of all other vehicles, for a period ending on the earlier of 4 months or 4,000 miles; and cannot be disposed of during this period without our prior written permission.

Following the expiry of this period, any vehicles (excluding for this purpose any purchased by your members/employees) must be disposed of in the ordinary course of your business.

6. Restrictions on use:- You must not act as or be a reseller of any of the vehicles to which support applies.

7. Compliance/misuse of unique fleet support agreement number:-
Upon our request you must:
(a) provide us (including our agents) with access to and copies of any relevant documents and records,
(b) provide us with a copy of the vehicle's current registration document, and
(c) make the vehicle available for inspection

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