Following the change in communication materials in mid-2021, followed by the dealer network which began earlier this year, it is now time for Dacia vehicles to feature the new brand identity. Beyond a simple shift in design, the new identity embodies commitments for the future and builds on the strongly held values that are behind the Dacia success story.

Orders for vehicles with the new brand identity open on 16th June, with first deliveries due in the last quarter of 2022.


The Dacia Link emblem, a strong feature of the brand’s new identity, is featured front and centre in the middle of the grille, itself redesigned and now in white.

Like the links of a chain, the interlocking ‘D’ and ‘C’ contribute to a brand-new emblem that reflects the robust simplicity of the new design. The Dacia Link is a readily recognisable brand image, which is easily identifiable when viewed up close or from afar. The emblem also features on the centre of each wheel.

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Another visible change is the addition of the logo on the rear panel and steering wheel of each model. The minimal design sees the lettering pared back so only the essentials remain, enough being left to clearly distinguish each letter.

Other design changes include the Monolith Grey finish on the roof rails, the front and rear skid plates, and the side-view mirrors on the Sandero Stepway and Duster.

Denis Le Vot, Dacia CEO said: “The reveal of the entire Dacia range with the new visual identity marks the third and final chapter of the deployment strategy which began more than a year ago. This new universe is in line with our values - simple, robust, authentic - in a more assertive and modern way. This deployment is a new visible impetus for Dacia in achieving its ambitions.”

Within the last few months, Dacia has renewed its line-up with two new additions: the all-electric Spring, and Jogger, the versatile C-segment family car.

The roll-out of the new visual branding marks the culmination of the brand’s renewal. Dacia has changed everything but is still true to the essence of the brand.

That essence means making vehicles without the bells and whistles, just the bare necessities to respond to customers’ expectations. Dacia vehicles are first and foremost robust and reliable, they are truly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, be it running about town or escaping into the great outdoors for a weekend. The brand-new colour, Dusty Grey, is a similar shade to that of natural moss, underscoring Dacia’s close ties to nature.

Dacia strives to shake things up, to rethink automotive, notably achieving this through an effort to champion smart consumer practices. This will be reflected in the gradual abandonment of certain materials such as chrome, but also, as has been the case for several years, all leather of animal origin.

Dacia will gradually implement one of the commitments made by Renault Group at its Annual General Meeting on 23rd April 2021. As such, from 2023, Dacia will be the Group’s first brand to have limited all its vehicles to a top speed of 180 km/h.

Lionel Jaillet, Dacia Product Performance Director said: “Rolling out the new visual identity across the entire Dacia range is a great exercise in coordination. Thanks to input from all business lines, Dacia now has a brand now skin but still the same DNA. This change is an opportunity to show that our way of doing automotives can still be as essential as it is appealing.”

David Durand, Dacia Design Director said: “The streamlined logo is highly symbolic of the brand’s focus on getting back to basics. Similarly, the Dacia Link emblem evokes simplicty and robustness. It also carries the symbolism of the link, a strong element of the Dacia community.”

Lionel Jaillet continued: “Dacia changes with the times, as too does its brand image. The fundamentals behind each product are also growing stronger in order to respond to the very real expectations of our clients. Versatile, robust vehicles, built for the great outdoors, with ingenious equipment and a pragmatic approach to affordable, eco-friendly motoring. The new visual identity conveys these messages and makes the brand even more appealing. Today is a new beginning for Dacia!”

In what is probably a first in the automotive industry, the new visual identity is being rolled out simultaneously across the whole Dacia line-up. As early as 16 th June, customers will be able to place orders for vehicles with the new visual identity.

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