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SEAT Ecomotive
Ecomotive @ SMC SEAT
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Lots of people talk about caring for the environment. But at SEAT, we’re more interested in actions. We’re determined to be environmentally responsible, and to search out new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re working on new ways to build a truly sustainable business that safeguards the environment without compromising on quality or driving pleasure.

Learn more about our environmental programmes where SEAT is making a difference right now:

  • By ramping up our commitment to Ecomobility
  • By replacing trucks with trains between sites in Spain
  • By implementing a huge renewable energy plant
  • By increasing vehicle efficiency without compromising performance

Because the decisions we make today affect the planet we live on, it is our priority to look for more sustainable solutions. That's why we have expanded our Ecomotive range to include a new range of best-in-class, environmentally friendly vehicles we call E-Ecomotive.

Our E-Ecomotive range offers choice without compromising the driving experience through technology and aerodynamics that help reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Start the engine without using the accelerator pedal. Then wait a few seconds before moving off.

Use it only to start moving. Shift to second in two seconds or within six metres.

Depending on revs: Between 1500 and 2000 rpm is the optimum point
Depending on speed: To third after 20 mph-To fourth after 25 mph -To fifth after more than 30 mph

Maintain speed as regularly as possible.
Avoid unnecessary braking, acceleration and gear shifting.

Take your foot off the accelerator pedal and leave the car running in the current gear.

Brake gently and change down in gears as late as possible, being mindful when descending steep gradients.

When speed and space allow it, stop the car without shifting down gears.

When stopped for more than sixty seconds, turn the engine off.

Are you interested to find out more? Learn about the SEAT Ecomotive concept and about our Ecomotive models.

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