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Zoe ZE
Zoe ZE
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Always a step ahead the Renault Z.E. has been pushing the boundaries of innovation since revealing the Z.E. concept car in 2008. Since then, we have  been  fulfilling  our  commitment  and  developing  our  technology so that our vehicles stay at the front of the electric vehicle market. Finally, in 2016, we have launched ZOE with the  Z.E.  40  battery,  that  gives  ZOE  revolutionary  250  miles  NEDC range* – a true milestone in affordable electric vehicles

Comfort for everyone

Renault ZOE What Car? Award 2016 - SMC RenaultComfort and peace of mind or driving pleasure? With Renault ZOE, you don't have to choose! Clean air, silence, ideal temperature, plenty of features to make driving easier: we've thought of everything to make you comfortable.

Its the first Electric vehicle to feature a ‘Chameleon’ charger, which accepts any level of power input – so charging takes anywhere between 30 minutes from a industrial-spec fast charger to nine hours from a household socket.
Looks wise the Zoe has everything, with LED lights attached to the full face front grill. The ZOE is also a 5 door but with the sleekness of a 3 door as the rear door handles are hidden. The high tech look and feel of the outside, is mirrored on the inside with the R-Link Consol controling sat nav, stereo and there is also ports to connect your Ipod. The intelligent on board system also tells you not only your speed, but wether you are zapping power out of the battries or feeding it back to them.
Below is a short video of the New 2017 Renault ZE ZOE
What makes  ZOE so special?

Revolutionary  Range. It  is  our  goal  to  make  innovation from tomorrow, accessible to everyone today. Which is why ZOE with Z.E. 40 battery now has an NEDC range** of 250 miles, and a real world range  of  186  miles  in  summer  and  124  miles  in  winter,  getting  you  wherever  you  choose  to  go,  even more easily than before.Easy Electric Life.Renault Z.E. makes the electric revolution  easy.  Providing  you  with  all  the  basics  you need to integrate ZOE into your life, including your  homecharging  solution  there  is  nothing  left  to worry about.Wall-Box  Included.ZOE  comes  with  a  free  charging point installed for retail customers with off-street  parking,***   so  that  charging  at  home  is a no-brainer. Plug-in and done. Goodbye petrol station, hello freedom.Chameleon Charger™.

Our innovative Chameleon Charger™ is uniquely fitted to ZOE and makes clever charging possible. As it is always able to charge at maximum power available, it saves you time and lets you make the most of the charging stations you come across, as well as of your home charging point.
Truly  Connected.A  connected  life  is  no  longer  a  future  scenario.  Z.E.  Connected  Services  takes  communication  between  smartphone  and  car  to another level, allowing features such as remote charging,  pre-conditioning  and  monitoring  charge status.^
We  all  want  style  in  our  lives,  and  the  streamlined  appearance  and  transparent  rear  lights are some of the features of the ZOE that will ensure you do.

Low  running  costs.
Charging  ZOE  at  home  is  not  only  easy,  but  also  very  cost-effective.  With  an average full charge to 186 miles** costing less
than  £3.50†,  you  will  start  saving  money  journey  after journey.*CO2while driving: 0 g/km, MPG: n/a according to NEDC homologation tests. 
**Homologated range according to NEDC test cycle,for comparison purposes, real world range will vary according to various factors. The Z.E. 40 battery is available on Dynamique and Signature Nav. See Driving Range page for more information.

***Homecharger provided and installed by Chargemaster PLC and
only available for eligible customers. See Wall-Box Included Page for more information.
  ^Features available depend on qualifying subscription. See Technology and Innovation page for more information

.  † Less than £3.50 recharge cost- based on (a) overnight electricity charges (British Gas Off Peak Saver 3 rate with payment via Direct debit as at October 2016), and (b) a full charge of the 41k W battery.
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specifications equipment, or accessories may be changed a½er the publication date given below and can differ from the descriptions given or the photos displayed. It is therefore necessary to check with your Renault Dealer before purchasing any product that the characteristics, specifications, equipment or accessories of the vehicle on order are as advertised.


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