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Dacia Eco2

Dacia’s Eco2 signature proves our capacity to build both economical and more ecological vehicles.

A Dacia Eco2 vehicle conforms to the three criteria :

- CO2 emissions of less than 120 g/km
- Manufactured in plants certified to ISO 14001 standards
- 95% of its materials (by weight) will be reusable at the end of the vehicle’s lifecycle. In addition, at least 7% of vehicle plastics on new Eco2 vehicles are made from recycled plastics.

Eco-driving can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%

Tip 1. Improve your gear changes

  • Shift down at approximately 1,000.rpm
  • Shift up to the next gear at approximately 2,000rpm in diesel vehicles and at 2,400rpm in a petrol engine.
  • At 30mph, you should already be in fourth or fifth gear

Tip 2. Drive smoothly

  • Maintain a steady speed as soon as possible (from 40).kph
  • Brake with the engine and use your foot brake as little as possible. Allowing the vehicle to slow naturally helps to cut the fuel flow.
  • At 30mph in fifth gear, lift off the accelerator 100m before a red light.

Tip 3. Think about how you accelerate

  • Up to 30, it is preferable to accelerate briskly up to fifth gear.mph
  • At speeds in excess of 30mph, acceleration should be restrained
  • Change gear very swiftly up to fifth gear.

Tip 4. Climbs and descents

  • Keep to the same speed when going down a hill.
  • On an uphill gradient, let the car lose speed, but without becoming obstructing other road-users. If possible, maintain your vehicle at a steady speed above 40kph.
  • Use descents to take your foot off the accelerator.

Tip 5. Use your motor smartly

  • Turn off your engine if you stop for more than 30 seconds.
  • Do not preheat your engine even in winter.
  • Pull away as soon as the engine has fired up.

Tip 6. Look after your car

  • Check tyre pressures every month.
  • If you have to use the air conditioning, make sure the difference between the temperatures inside your vehicle and outside is not too great.
  • Do not leave any unnecessary loads in your vehicle.
  • Remove roof bars and roof boxes when not in use.
  • Proper servicing and proper use of your vehicle are as important as eco-driving.

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